Putty for laboratories, A-silicone based

Ap Silicon

  • AP Silicone Blue – 86 Shore A
    very high consistency, easily kneadable, precise
    detail reproduction, stable in shape and volume

    AP Silicone Blue Rock – 96 Shore A
    high viscosity, smooth initial consistency, high
    defifinition, dimensionally stable

    Mixing and dispensing
    Remove impression material A (white) and B
    (blue) using measuring scoops. Mix together
    (mixing ratio 1:1) until a homogeneous mix or
    uniform colouring is achieved.

    Important working hints
    For dental extraoral use by qualified personnel only.
    Do not bring the components A + B into contact
    before mixing, do not interchange
    measuring scoops and jar lids.
    Do not remove material by hand, do not wear latex gloves.
    After use, close containers carefully.