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AP Stain Master Kit with 15 AP Stains is universal and compatible with all major porcelain systems available in the market, including Porcelain fused to Metal, Porcelain fused to Zirconia, and Full Zirconia frames. These Stains  are suitable for both internal and external staining, allowing for the creation of even the most challenging color effects. Using conventional layering techniques, natural color could only be achieved by the most skilled and experienced technicians. The AP System allows you to recreate those same effects by making the best selection of stains available. 


AP Stain Master Kit

SKU : 8070
  • These stains are low fusing and fluorescent paste stains. This paste material can be applied in very thin layers in order to achieve the most difficult color effects.

    For pressable ceramics, paste stains are recommended. Depending on the effect, 1-2 glaze cycles are recommended. The Low Fusing paste stain enables a nice surface texture and shine at 760 Celsius (1400 Fahrenheit).

    Chroma Stains:

    With the Chroma Stain shades A,B,C,D the desired chroma shade can be achieved for the "Classic" or the "Zircon" ingot.

    Effect Stains:

    The effect stains are necessary to achieve all the natural color effects. These effect stains are:

    • White

    • Yellow

    • Blue

    • Orange

    • Brown

    • Dark Brown

    • Black

    • Grey

    • Violet

    • Margin Stain

    Margin Stain:

    The Margin Stain is one of the most important colors within the stain kit. With the more opacious color, transparent porcelain margins can be covered by using the Pressed onto Metal technique.

    For anterior restorations, the Margin Stain can very nicely mimic mamellon effects.

    Glaze Paste:

    The glaze paste is a low fusing material used to glaze veneers or porcelain inlays. This glaze paste leads to great results applied in thin layers, a preheat temperature of 450 Celsius (842 Fahrenheit) and a 6 min dry time. At times, two glaze cycles are recommended.

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