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For regular build-up as well as for correction purposes.

Dentin - APV S&Z

  • The APVolution Powders  can be used for  APVolution Z as well as for APVolution S.

    The Dentin A4 Powder can be used for conventional layering straight onto the zirconia frame. With the Range-Dentin A4, shades from A4 and darker can be easily achieved with the slight use of the Chroma Shade stains. The fluorescend  AP paste stains are ideal for any kind of color modification or adjustment.

    At the same time, mixing the Dentin A4 powder with the A3 Powder results in a Dentin A3.5 shade as well. This technique is very economic and saves on unecessary inventory in particular

    There are nine Dentin, three Transpa Dentin- AP Value Based Systen , fourteen Enamel-Transpa and Opal Layering Powders available.


    The AP Value Based System is designed in three different categories.

    APVolution Light -for all light shades: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, D2 
    APVolution Dark -for all medium to darker shades: A3, A3.5, B3, C3, D3
    APVolution Dark Plus  -for all dark shades: A4, B4, C4, D4


    Enamel-, Transpa and Opal Powders are available in 20g and 40g:

    Enamel1 Transpa White Opal Enamel 1 Opal 1
    Enamel 2 Transpa Amber Opal Enamel 2 Opal 2
      Transpa Blue Opal Enamel 3  
      Transpa Clear    
      Transpa Orange    
      Transpa Pink    
      Transpa Yellow    


    Firing Chart:

    APVolution Build Up Powder  for Silicat & Zircon
    Start Rising Temp End Temp Holding time Vac on Vac off Cooling
    450˚ C 45˚ C/min 780˚ C 1min 550˚C 780˚ C 600˚C

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