Tray box with stain tray (21 cavities)

Aqualine Mini Stain Tray

SKU: 9004
  • Color: anthracite, rubber touch

    Size: 133 x 71 X 23 mm

    Less space for more creativity: the new Aqualine Mini Stain Tray is just as small and efficient to use as the Aqualine Mini tray. The stain and mixing tray made of glazed ceramic has 21 uniform wells and is ideal for systematic mixing and safe storage of ceramic stains – such as the light-dynamic Creation Make Up Instant materials. A larger well shape can also be used for blending shades. Once a material is no longer required, simply folding down the clear plastic cover of the box will protect the ceramic stains against evaporation and contamination for lengthy periods and ensure they are ready to use at any time.