The AP 200, 300 and 400 are designed with many special features. Thetapered form makes it easy to release the investment out of the rubber mold, which reduces the risk of micro fractures that lead to ring failure.

The AP 200, 300 and now the new 400 are the only investment rings onthe market with a number system on the inside. The numbers show the exact position of the crowns after the press cycle and enables a quick de- vesting process. The lines show precisely, where to cut the ring in orderto break o the excess investment parts. The numbers can be found onthe bottom of the molds as well as the inside of the silicon ring and on the inside of the lid. The ring can only be closed (or put together) in a preciseposition due to the individual locks. The piston of the AP 200 is built high-er than conventional rings, which allows pressing 3, 2g ingots.

AP 200, 300 and 400 Investment Ring



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