40g per jar


Ideal to complete the pressed porcelain restoration as well as a regular build up technique. In case of a mispress, the missing elements can be easily adjusted with the appropriate dentin powder.

Metal Classic Powder Master Kit

SKU: 9714
  • A variety of 3 transpa dentin colors, 9 dentin, 1 gingiva, 2 bleach and 7 different enamel and transpa powders (40g per jar) can be used to complete the dentin core after utilizing the “cut-back” technique. All transpa and opalescent effects can be achieved with this metal powder selection.


    Metal Classic


    Metal Classic Dark

    Metal Enamel Dark

    Metal Classic Dark PLUS

    Metal Enamel Light

    Metal Classic NP Bright

    Metal Bleach

    Metal Dentin A1

    Metal High Chroma Bleach

    Metal Dentin A3

    Metal Dentin Gingiva

    Metal Dentin A4

    Metal Transpa Blue

    Metal Dentin B1

    Metal Transpa Clear

    Metal Dentin B3

    Metal Transpa Grey

    Metal Dentin C1

    Metal Transpa White

    Metal Dentin C3

    Metal Transpa Yellow

    Metal Dentin D2


    Metal Dentin D4



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