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With the AP OccluMaster Kit, we have created a new dimension in dental restoration, ensuring a perfectly stabilized and balanced occlusion. The properties of the OccluMaster are ideal for handling large and even small reconstructions.

AP Occlumaster Kits

  • The wax properties allow the technician to place the prefabricated full anatomic wax crown into occlusion without breaking of the wax pattern.

    At the same time it carves like regular carving wax and contours can be modified very easily. With adding warm air of a hairdryer, the wax becomes elastic and works well for cases with even little reduction.

    We combined all the functional elements that lead to a physiological restoration according to the Bioaesthetic and Biomechanical principle.

    Since the OccluMaster is a standardized Form for each posterior tooth, each and every tooth will be the same and guarantee a maximum in consistency.

    With one OccluMaster you buy more than two decades of accumulated knowledge in form and function.


    Working Time


    Working time on OccluMaster crown:
    Wax up 10 min
    Invest and devest per unit 3 min
    Fit check, finish & glaze 15 min
    Working time on porcelain margin: 0 min
    Total 28 min

    Regular Build Up

    Working time on build up technique: 50 min
    Working time on porcelain margin:
    2 additional firings, plus finishing and fitting:
    20 min
    Total 70 min

    Gain of 150% in time from start to finish