AC-CRYSTAL (DIAMOND COATING) CVD-special coating for the treatment of highly abrasive materials (e.g. ZrO), Coating thickness: approx. 6 μm, coating architecture: nano-crystalline coating, Colour: grey/ black, hardness HV 0,05: 10.000, The coating is not electrically conductive, max. operation temperature: 600–700 °C, Increased tool life up to factor 10, high thermal conductivity.


Material/Coating: Ac-crystal diamond coating (CVD-coating)

Total length: 40 mm

Working length: 16,0 mm

# of flutes: 2

Shank size: 3 mm

Diameter working part: 1,0 mm

VHF Black Diamond coated 1.0 mm

SKU: B3480


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