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Panther Polish Kit for exquisite polishing!

This Panther kit with three geometries each of the Smooth and Gloss instruments from Panther is suitable for polishing zirconium oxide, ceramic and lithium disilicate.

Panther Smooth
Panther Smooth defines even the finest accents and highlights the target shape of the workpiece. Incisal edges, light-reflecting ridges strips and marginal areas appear hyper-defined. This instrument is popular for its smooth removal action and is a perfect example of the performance of high-end Panther instruments.
Panther Smooth represents the first step in the two steps Panther polishing protocol. A flawless high luster is achieved in the second step with Panther Gloss.

Panther Gloss
After processing with Panther Smooth, the Panther Gloss instruments create perfect high gloss. Only a perfect surface protects the natural antagonists and prevents possible parafunction:

  • high-performance polishing system for ceramics and zirconia
  • a perfect result in just two steps
  • high concentration on diamond grit for maxiumum efficiency
  • wear resistant



Panther Polish Kit