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AP Dental Roland Deep Anatomy Universal Bur perfect for cutting and milling plastics, composite and wax.


2-blades, round, UNIVERSAL.
Compatible with "ROLAND", "Yena-Dent", "Roeders", "Wissner", "Primacon"
Shank Ø 4 mm


SKUs: B3553, B2734, B526

Roland deep anatomy Universal Bur

  • Material/Coating: carbide, stainless steel

    Total length: 48 mm
    Working length: 10mm (for the 0.6mm) or 15,0 mm (for 0.8mm and 1.0 mm)
    # of flutes: 2
    Shank size: 4 mm
    Diameter working part: 0.6, 0,8 or 1,0 mm

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