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The APVolution S is a lithium disilicate reinforced, high strength porcelain. This material is ideal for single crowns, veneers and inlays/onlays up to 3 unit bridges. (400MPa)

Bleach Shades

The eleven bleach shades are available in different opacities as LT, MT and HT ingots offer a wide spectrum to choose from. 


Indication: In order to get a natural looking crown, the Bleach ingots can be used in a variety of scenarios for either press & stain, or cut back & layering technique. 

The technician can even increase the value if needed by adding a thin layer of transpa white layering powder mixed with a white modifier.

The APVolution S&Z Powder selection offers a wide range of powders compatible with the APVolution S ingots. 


Bleach Ingots - APV S