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Our new AP products at a glance


AP disposable press plungers made of investment material are available

in 12 mm, 13 mm and 16 mm and suitable for every press ceramic system

and every muffle system.

Each set contains 30 pieces!


With our Panther Kits you have the perfect solution for all areas of work:

from optimal green part processing to the premium finish for the highest demands.

This Panther Abutment Surface Kit is intended for processing all types of abutments. With this slim kit you can achieve an optimized surface for better tissue attachment in modern implant prosthetics.



The APVolution S is a silicate reinforced, high strength porcelain. This material is ideal for single crowns, veneers and inlays or onlays up to 3 unit bridges.

This material shows a medium opacity level to cover stump shades with mild discolorations. In order to get a natural looking crown, the MT ingots can be used for the press/cut back and layering technique, or press and stain technique.

It depends on the visual evaluation of the technician, which technique will be applied.

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