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3D Printing

The first impression sells the case
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The go-to resin for flawless dental prints, AP3D Model Resin, is a game-changer in the world of dental 3D printing.

With unsurpassed quality, this resin is tailor made for dental labs who want to make a quality statement with their choice of model-making. Here’s why AP3D Model Resin stands out: It is developed by Dental Technicians for Dental Technicians

• Smooth creamy flow (low viscosity)
• High opacity revealing fine details
• Easy cleanup for both prints and printer tanks
• Quick curing saves precious time
• Minimal shrinkage, perfect for implant models
• 10 industry unique colors to suit your style
• Compatible with LCD and DLP printers (385nm - 405nm)
• Superior quality for a premium fee
• Easy on the the VAT and separation film

Print effortlessly with AP3D Model Resin
When it comes to printing dental objects like aligner models, orthodontic models, implant models, or diagnostic models, the choice of resin is crucial. AP3D Model Resin offers significantly shorter exposure times, thanks to its high reactivity under UV light. This not only speeds up printing but also extends the life of your printer.

Low shrinkage, high stability – perfect for implants
AP3D Model Resin ensures your prints hardly shrink, maintaining high dimensional stability. This resin is particularly ideal for creating implant models.

Easy cleanup, fast postcure
With lower viscosity, AP3D Model Resin ensures faster liquid flow back, reducing printing errors and speeding up the process. This resin is gentle on tanks and platforms, saving you time and maintenance costs.

Quality you can trust
Every batch of AP3D Model Resin undergoes rigorous quality checks to meet the highest standards, ensuring consistent quality and performance.

Choose AP3D Model Resin for a seamless 3D printing experience that delivers exceptional results every time.

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