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Aesthetic-Press Company 

Aesthetic Press LLC was founded in 2006 in San Francisco, as a result of running my dental laboratory in San Francisco and Düsseldorf/Germany for more than 17 years. 

All the products that we have in our line, were developed in the day to day business with my clients and employees. 

The efficiency and the simplicity are a result of a long research and development phase. We have fabricated several thousand crowns and bridges over the years with this system, a perfected system for any type of restoration for press onto metal or zirconia and also Lithium Disilicate.


At Aesthetic-Press, we make products easy to use by eliminating unnecessary features and clutter. 

Simplicity is one of the most important concepts in the AP product line.

Our strength is knowing how to make a very sophisticated work process appear simple and consistent. 

We have found that by simplifying the process we were able to create new products, which are highly efficient and more customer friendly. 


Unmatched Tech Support

As a technician, lab owner and developer of the product line, I will assist with any questions and provide in-house seminars which offers a unique combination unmatched in the industry. 


The complete workflow/system is shown in this diagram: 

Jörg Müller, MDT, CEO and founder

Jorg Muller

MDT, CEO and Founder

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