Small tray – highly versatile – to suit your needs!

Aqualine Mini

SKU: 9015
  • Color: anthracite, rubber touch

    Size: 133 x 71 x 23 mm

    Components: Tray box with glass plate and cellulose strips

    Aqualine Mini was specially developed for smaller (re)working and ceramic repairs. The very compact tray subdivided into three segments enables dental technicians to perform efficient layering and keep ceramics perfectly moist – constantly and in the smallest of spaces (13.3 x 7.1 x 2.3 cm). The newly developed self-adhesive cellulose strips prevent the materials in a particular segment from immediately becoming soaked when they are applied to the glass plate. It is only when the technician slides the ceramic towards the liquid holder that it is automatically moistened until the ideal level of saturation is reached. In other words, no more time pressure, no more drying out and no more unwanted “watering down”!