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100 % Made in Germany.

All DEKEMA furnaces are hand-crafted products of the Dekema German manufactory. Every single part is either manufactured inhouse or priorirized from specialized regional suppliers.



High-Temperature Furnace up to 1560°C

  • Sinter, Glaze & Crystallize under Atmosphere
  • Chairside Speed Mode
  • Space for up to sixunit bridges ir up to 20 unit in one level (Ø 65mm)
  • Optional Accessories to sinter in two Levels

AP Dental Dekema Austromat 664 i

SKU: 9132
    • Capacitive multi-touch Panel 

    • 10,4'' high resolution display

    • Revolutionary, easy to use pad operation 

    • Soft touch lift movement 

    • Remote control via network 

    • Integrated tele service 

    • Quality management 

    • Software update & backup via Internet 

    • Aluminum housing in black or silver

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