Informations for 2 forms kit


For a perfect, natural wax-up these 2 forms and corresponding wax patterns will help the technician create a natural wax-up suitable for every practical case.


2 forms of choice and the corresponding wax patterns (examples at images)


Informations for 10 forms kit


For a perfect, natural wax-up these 10 forms will help the technician to choose the right shape of anatomy suitable for any practical case.

8 upper & 2 lower forms (no wax patterns)


  • V1, V2, V3, V5, V8
  • O2, O4
  • H6
  • L1, L3



Genenral info:


Workflow: After establishing a diagnostic wax up and with the help of a silicon matrix, the wax injector will help reproduce this exact situation by injecting the wax onto any framework or prepped model.

Anterior Master kits